Suresh Raina removed Suresh Raina removed doug bollinger hair wig in excitement as he took sourav ganguly wicket in ipl

New Delhi. On the cricket field, we have often seen players celebrating victory. In the celebration of getting the wicket and in the desperation of not getting the wicket, many times the players get down on sledging. Different types of aggression are seen on the field to put pressure on the batter or bowler of the opposing team. Have you ever seen or heard that a player pulled out the hair of his own teammate cricketer while celebrating. Yes, this has happened. No one else but left-handed batsman Suresh Raina did this.

The occasion was the Indian Premier League match. Suresh Raina used to play in the Chennai team captained by Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Doug Bolinger, a fast bowler from the Australian team used to play in CSK itself. On the basis of his excellent performance, CSK added him to his team. Suresh Raina told about the story of Doug Ballinger’s fake balls during a live chat on CSK’s social media.

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Dhoni understood Sri Lankan captain’s trick even before WC final! The referee was forced to toss twice.

Raina said that CSK’s match was against Sourav Ganguly’s team. Doug Ballinger took the wicket of Sourav Ganguly on the basis of his brilliant bowling. While celebrating the wicket, Raina had become very impatient. Raina told that while celebrating, he often starts pulling the balls of the cricketers of his own team. This is a part of his habit, but that day this habit had brought trouble for him.

Raina started pulling fellow player Doug Ballinger’s hair. They didn’t know that Ballinger used fake wigs. There is no hair on his head. Ballinger’s fake hair came in hand due to Raina’s action. This enraged the Australian bowler and started venting his anger on Raina. Raina somehow pacified Ballinger by apologizing.

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