Surya’s fans in shock, will Rohit Sharma be able to do wonders like Dhoni! Will be able to save the career of Mr. 360 degree

The batsman who had never seen himself getting out for a duck in the first 18 innings of his ODI career, has now not only had to go through the shocking experience of getting back to the pavilion without opening the account in the last three innings, but even more stinging. It is that in these three innings, Suryakumar Yadav was dismissed on the very first ball. But, this has not happened for the first time in cricket history. If we talk about ODI cricket only, then the bigwigs like Alec Stewart, Andrew Symonds and Shane Watson have also become victims of golden duck ie getting out on the very first ball. Even though Sachin Tendulkar did not become a victim of golden duck, but in 1994, he was also dismissed for zero in one-day matches for three consecutive times, it is a different matter that every time Tendulkar faced 1 ball at the time of dismissal.

However, cricket has once again made us realize how cruel the game can sometimes be to the best of the best players. Suryakumar Yadav, who can hit sixes in the shortest format of the white ball, has failed to score 6 runs in ODI cricket and even 1 run in three innings away. How can the world’s number 1 T20 batsman look so helpless in ODI cricket?

Coach Rahul Dravid defended Surya ahead of the Chennai ODI, reiterating that he will get more chances ahead and everyone needs to keep calm. Dravid also said that Surya had the experience of playing hundreds of IPL matches before coming to international T20 competition, which he did not have in ODI cricket. He has not played so much 50 overs cricket in domestic cricket also. But critics can argue that Surya became the man of the series in his first ODI series and scored runs at an average of around 66.

Some critics also believe that in ODI cricket, the new ball is used from both ends and if a bowler like Mitchell Starc is faced in the first 10 overs, then even the best batsmen can be in trouble. If a batsman like Surya has to come to bat so soon in 50 overs cricket, then he is probably not ready for it. Batting for 15 overs in 20 overs cricket and 40 overs in 50 overs cricket are completely different challenges.

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Surya may have the confidence of the captain and the coach and has a great T20 record as well, but the problem is the comparisons with Sanju Samson after every failure in social media. Samson averages 66 in 11 matches and every time the Indian batting fails, the discussion intensifies as to what is the fault of this Kerala batsman. But, this debate for another day.

For the time being, we return to Surya again. Will Surya decode ODI cricket as well? Will the sun shine again in the sky due to this eclipse in ODI cricket.. No one can answer these questions in a concrete way. But, it can definitely be hoped that Surya has the technique and temperament to make a comeback. After all, it was the same Surya who was rejected once by Mumbai Indians and once by KKR in IPL after initial failure.

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The good thing is that Surya’s spirits are not going to be easily defeated. In the journey of a decade, Suriya has seen both ups and downs in his career and knows that it is all a part of a cycle. If this was not the case, he would not have got the Test cap so easily due to his exceptional game and consistency in T20.

Now the next chance for Surya in international cricket will probably be the tour of West Indies when he will have to participate in three ODIs and three T20s in the months of July-August. After this again three T20s will be held in Ireland. If Surya is able to show his speed again during these 9 matches, then it will not be difficult for him to play first in the Asia Cup and then in the World Cup. But, the failure in the West Indies may put a question mark on Surya’s ODI career and dream of playing in the World Cup.

However, before this two months of IPL are also left. If Surya gets to shine again in these two months, then he can forget the three-match series against Australia like a nightmare, in the same way that captain Rohit Sharma did after the ODI series failure against Sri Lanka a decade ago. did after. In that series, only 17 runs were scored by Rohit’s bat in 5 matches and after that captain MS Dhoni made him opener and everyone knows what happened after that. Can captain Rohit now bring a similar change in the game of his partner Surya?

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