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T20 world cup 2021 haris rauf who destroyed new zealand team is tape ball cricket star know the answer to every question related to it

New Delhi. The performance of Pakistan’s cricket team in the T20 World Cup 2021 has been great so far. Pakistan have almost confirmed their place in the semi-finals after beating India and then New Zealand easily. In the match against India, where left-arm fast bowler Shaheen Afridi shone, while in the second match, Haris Rauf dug the grave of the New Zealand team with his wreaking havoc. In this match, Rauf took 4 wickets for 22 runs. In this the wicket of New Zealand opener Martin Guptill was special. Because Rauf got this wicket through the cleverness learned in ‘Tape Ball Cricket’.

Haris Rauf used to play tape ball cricket while working as a salesman at a shop in Rawalpindi. During this, once the PSL team went for the trial of Lahore Qalandars. His speed surprised everyone. After this, Pakistan’s legendary fast bowler Aaqib Javed caught sight of him and then Harris’s career changed. He is not the only one who has reached this far through tape ball cricket. India’s mystery spinner Varun Chakraborty has also traveled from street cricket to Team India. It is a different matter that his performance in the match against Pakistan was poor. For this reason, this star player who came out of tape ball cricket had to face criticism. He was ridiculed by saying that in Pakistan, tape ball cricket is played in the street. That’s why Varun is not a mystery to him.

Martin Guptill caught in Rauf’s trap
Haris Rauf bowled the first ball to Guptill with a yorker at a speed of 149 kmph. This yorker from Rauf hit Guptill’s toe directly and he started sobbing with pain. Rauf bowls a length ball next. Its speed was also 148 km per hour. Until Guptill brings his bat to this ball. By then the ball hit the thai pad and went on the wicket and the bails were shattered.

What is a tape ball after all? How does this help with bowling? What is the benefit of bowlers in international cricket and why Pakistan cricket is benefiting so much from this?. Let us know the answers to all the questions related to it.

What is a tape ball?
Tape ball cricket has suddenly come into the limelight after the success of Pakistan bowlers in the T20 World Cup. Actually, a tape-ball is a tennis ball, which is wrapped in electrical tape. This is done to make the ball more smooth. Even after applying the tape, this ball is lighter than a traditional leather ball.

How does a tape ball help with bowling?
When a bowler bowls with a heavy ball ie leather ball, his arm speed is low. It simply means that the speed of the ball is reduced. But when you play cricket with a light ball like a tape ball, your arm speed increases and this increases the speed of the ball significantly. Same is the case with Haris Rauf. He has also reached the international level by playing tape ball cricket. Not only that, Shaheen Afridi, Wasim Akram and Aaqib Javed all reached international cricket by playing similar cricket in the streets of Pakistan.

What is the difference between the speed of a tape ball and a leather ball?
The tape ball travels 20 percent faster in the air than a normal cricket ball. This means if a bowler throws the ball at a speed of 135 kmph, then the speed of the ball in tape ball cricket will increase to 155 kmph. Because it is lighter and smaller than the leather ball. This is the reason why Pakistani bowlers who came out of tape ball cricket are troubling the big batsmen with their speed in international cricket.

Why do tape ball bowlers bowl better yorkers?
In the early part of his career, a bowler playing with a tape ball throws a good yorker. In the last match against New Zealand, Martin Guptill was injured on the yorker of Pakistani bowler Haris Rauf. He is proof of this. That’s why it happens. Because the tape ball is light. There is no seam on it. In such a situation, the bowler can trouble the batsman with his speed and yorker and this tape ball is the bowler’s biggest strength.

Why are bowlers playing tape ball cricket proving effective?
The bowler playing with the tape ball has a better understanding of the angle from which to release the ball. Tape ball spins faster in the air than cricket ball. In such a situation, if a bowler gains control over the lighter ball, then controlling the ball used in professional cricket becomes a left-handed game for him.

How much does tape ball help in cricket reverse swing
Tape ball cricket helps any bowler to learn reverse swing. Because tape ball cricket is played on the streets or on a rough ground. In such a situation, the tape on the ball wears out quickly. In such a situation, bowlers make one side of the tape ball smooth and the other rough, and from here the tape ball also starts to reverse swing. The same principle of reverse swing works in international cricket as well.

Tape ball cricket is popular in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
Tape ball cricket is more popular in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. This is because there are no cricket grounds, academy or training facilities everywhere. In such a situation, children play cricket only on the street or nearby small ground. Bowlers like Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Lasith Malinga and India’s mystery spinners Varun Chakravarthy, Ajantha Mendis are examples. This is the reason why the world got players from India and Pakistan who threw the ball like reverse swing, second and third.

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