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T20 world cup 2021 india vs pakistan harbhajan singh pakistan mohammad amir fight bhajji share video

New Delhi. After the India-Pakistan (India vs Pakistan) match in the T20 World Cup 2021, the fight between Indian bowler Harbhajan Singh and Pakistani bowler Mohammad Amir started on social media. The Pakistani fast bowler has crossed his limits many times in the battle of words. In such a situation, Bhajji also gave him a befitting reply. Now Indian bowler Harbhajan shared a video on social media and told the whole matter and also retaliated on Amir. Harbhajan said that after the India-Pakistan match, people are thrashing each other, including him. Whenever there is an India-Pakistan match, it is under a lot of pressure.

Pakistan did very well. Pakistan beat us everywhere batting, bowling and fielding and we accepted that defeat as well. The matter ended there. Me and Shoaib Akhtar work together and there is a light tussle going on between us. We both know each other for a long time.

‘Who is Mohammad Amir, who is holding his leg’
We also played against each other. Such talks go on between us regarding India and Pakistan. The same thing happened in this match too, but with the tweet it ended there. Meanwhile, Mohammad Amir fought a leg fight in the middle. Harbhajan said that first I want to ask who is Aamir after all. My and Shoaib’s conversation ended on the tweet. After India’s defeat at the hands of Pakistan, Aamir asked me if the TV was broken. I said no. After this Amir tweeted using some wrong words and then I questioned the no ball that Amir bowled at Lord’s, everyone knows what happened there at that time.

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‘Aamir has no right to talk to me’
Harbhajan said that I did not want to enter this mud and Aamir does not have the right to talk to him. The more I talk to him, the more I will put myself down. The black stain that Aamir has put on world cricket will never be able to wash it away. The person who sold his faith should not have answered me. If I deliberately hit my head with a no ball thrower for money, it would be wrong. Harbhajan told Aamir that I should not have replied to Aamir’s tweet, because he is a goth and will remain a goth.

Ind vs Pak: Harbhajan Singh and Mohammad Amir kept fighting all night, in the end Bhajji lashed out – the fixer has moved
Harbhajan also recited a poem for Aamir. After this he said that who are you to put your legs in the middle. Have fun with yourself and get out of here. You showed who you were. You sold your country, everyone can see. Harbhajan told the Pakistani fans that you support your team, it is playing very well. We will support our team. Don’t get entangled in all this. Our team was, is and will be Zindabad.

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