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T20 world cup 2021 toss will be important on uae fast bowlers will be more successful than spinners

New Delhi. The matches of the first round of T20 World Cup (T20 World Cup 2021) have started. The Super-12 matches will be held in the UAE from October 23. All the big teams will land in it. Team India will face Pakistan in the first match on October 24. In such a situation, all the teams will have to learn from the matches of the last 2 seasons of IPL. T20 World Cup matches are being held in October-November. During this the weather starts getting cold here. The dew falls in the match of the night. In such a situation, the toss will become important. That is, apart from playing-11, the toss can also decide the attitude of many matches.

The entire season of IPL 2020 was played in the UAE from September to November. At the same time, a total of 31 matches of the second phase of IPL 2021 took place during September-October. According to Cricinfo, talking about IPL 2020, in the initial phase, the team batting first won 77 percent of the matches. But as the weather changed and October-November came, it completely reversed. During this, the team chasing the target won 77 percent of the matches. Due to the dew, batting becomes easier in the second innings. It is very difficult for bowlers.

Team India will play matches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Team India has to play 4 out of 5 matches of Super-12 in Dubai, while one match in Abu Dhabi. Looking at the pitch of Dubai, batting is easy here. Talking about the last 2 IPL seasons, an average score of 150 to 160 was made here. Here the fast bowlers were more successful than the spinners. Talking about IPL 2020, 10 out of 15 matches of the first half were won by the team batting first after winning the toss. In the second half, after winning the toss in 10 out of 12 matches, the team batting first got defeated.

Big scores to be seen in Abu Dhabi

The pitch in Abu Dhabi is considered to be the best pitch in the UAE. During the IPL also a lot of runs were scored here. In the match of the day, both the teams do not get any advantage. But in the evening match, the team chasing the target remains in advantage. Talking about the total 60 matches of IPL 2020, 21 out of the first 30 matches were won by the team batting first. But 22 out of 30 matches of the second half were won by the chasing team. Not only this, 15 out of 18 matches played in Abu Dhabi and Dubai were won by the chasing team in the second half. It is clear from this that during the T20 World Cup, the teams winning the toss would prefer to bowl first after winning the toss, especially in the night matches.

Fast bowlers more successful on all three UAE pitches

If we look at the records of IPL 2020 and IPL 2021, then the average of all three fast bowlers in UAE has been good. In Dubai, the fast bowlers took 285 wickets at an average of 27. Economy stood at 8.34. At the same time, the spinners could take only 130 wickets in both the seasons at an average of 31. Economy stood at 7.32. In Abu Dhabi, the fast bowlers took 209 wickets at an average of 29. Economy stood at 8.44. At the same time, the spinners could only take 96 wickets at an average of 33. Economy stood at 7.31. Talking about Sharjah, the fast bowlers got 173 wickets at an average of 25. Economy stood at 8.04. The spinners took 72 wickets at an average of 32. Economy stood at 7.66. Talking about all three pitches, the spinners have been more stingy than the fast bowlers.

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