Friday, December 3, 2021

T20 World Cup Team India semifinals hope will strong if Scotland beat New Zealand

New Delhi. India’s hopes in the T20 World Cup 2021 are now entangled in if-buts. The Indian team has lost both its first matches of the tournament. This has left Indian cricket lovers disappointed. Most fans feel that India will no longer be able to reach the semi-finals. But the expectations are not that low either. It is not easy to guess which team in cricket, when to beat whom. This is the reason why many Indian fans are also expecting a victory for Scotland. If the Scotland team beats New Zealand (New Zealand vs Scotland) today, then India will return to the semi-final race.

Scotland vs New Zealand and India vs Afghanistan (India vs Afghanistan) are to be played in the T20 World Cup on Wednesday. Now if India has to play the semi-finals, then it will not only have to win against Afghanistan, but will also have to win the next two matches. With this, he will have to hope that the Scotland team beats New Zealand. If this happens, like India, New Zealand will also lose two matches. If this happens, both India and New Zealand can have equal points and then on the basis of net run rate it will be decided which team is better on the points table.

Afghanistan can also help India in this race of top-2 in the points table. According to this equation, India won all its three matches. This will make it 6 points. Then the team of Afghanistan beat New Zealand. If this happens, then Afghanistan and New Zealand will also be stuck on 6-6 points. That is, even here the net run rate will be decisive. But if there is one thing in this equation, then it can become difficult for India. The net run rate of Afghanistan is more than +3. In such a situation, Afghanistan’s team can remain at number two with a better run rate than India or New Zealand.

Due to the high net run rate of Afghanistan, India’s hopes are more from Scotland than that. Like Scotland, Namibia has lost every match and is out of the race for the semi-finals. On the other hand, Pakistan have made it to the semi-finals after winning all their matches from Group 2. Now the battle of number two remains in this group. England have made it to the semi-finals from Group 1.

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