Tata Nano Car Modified With Solar Panel Battery Cost Rs 30 for 100 Kms Top Speed ​​80 Kmph Details

The rising cost of petrol and diesel has forced people to turn to electric vehicles. People’s interest is increasing rapidly towards electric cars and the government is also asking the public and vehicle companies to switch their portfolio completely to electric vehicles. Meanwhile, there are some people who modify their old cars in some way or the other to reduce their dependence on fuel. One such person is Manojit Mandal, who has converted his old Tata Nano car into a solar powered car.

Manojit Mandal, a car enthusiast in West Bengal is making headlines in the media these days. His discussions are all around because he has modified his old Tata Nano car into a solar powered car. NDTV’s AccordingIndustrialists by profession have modified this car in such a way that due to solar energy, now the car runs 100 kilometers with an expenditure of just Rs 30.

He says that a Lithium Ion battery pack has been installed in this car. This battery pack is charged through solar panels. The engine has been removed from the car, replacing it with an electric motor. That’s why it doesn’t make noise while running. Its top speed is said to be 80 kmph.

According to industrialist Manojit Mandal, he did not get any cooperation from the government for this experiment. But he had a dream to make such a car since childhood. Manojit Mandal says that he drives this car for 100 kilometers at a cost of Rs 30. Apart from this, it also proves to be good for the environment, as it does not pollute without the engine.

The gear system has been retained in this. The car can run at a speed of 80 per hour in fourth gear. However, it is a clutchless gear system. A solar panel has been installed on its roof, which is connected to the battery pack. Five people can sit comfortably in it.

Tata Motors launched the Nano in the year 2008. However, it was discontinued in 2018 due to declining sales. At the time of its launch, Nano was the cheapest car in India and it grabbed headlines across the world. The car was launched at a starting price of Rs 1 lakh and people named it as Lakhtakia car.

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