Tata Punch car has window AC installed in car, see interesting feat in video

In YouTube, you get to see more than one feat. There are many experimental channels present on the video sharing platform, who try to do something new to present their skills to the world. One such channel is run by an Indian youth who fitted Window AC in Tata Punch car. Yes, you read that right. How often does it happen that the performance of your car’s AC drops due to extreme heat, or for some reason the AC stops working. In such a situation, if you get a powerful window ac like home in the car, then what would you say? We know it’s only good as a joke in reality. It’s fun enough as an experiment, though.

A YouTube channel named FWS – FunWithScience does some new experiment every day. The channel had shared a video in June this year where the YouTuber fitted a window AC in the boot of a Tata Punch car and you would be surprised to know that the AC was working too.

Actually, the YouTuber took a window AC from Bluestar company and fitted it in the boot of the car. Inverters and two big batteries have been used to power it. A window AC was also compared with the car AC, where the difference in temperature was seen by running both the ACs alternately.

Firstly, the stock AC of the Tata Punch car was put to the test. When the temperature outside was around 41 °C, the temperature inside the car was recorded at around 36 °C. After this, the car’s AC was switched on for 20 minutes, after which the cabin temperature dropped to around 24 degrees Celsius. Whereas, after 30 minutes, the temperature became 20 degree Celsius.

Next, the Blue Star window AC was tested, which was hooked up to a separate battery pack instead of the car’s battery and used an inverter to power it. Since the window AC works to push out the hot air inside, the boot door of the car was kept open. The cabin temperature was 33 degrees Celsius at the start of testing. Let us tell you that with the help of window AC, the cabin temperature reached 18 degree Celsius in just 4 minutes. However, the video also reveals that the stock AC was tested during the day and the window AC was tested at night.

While this may not be the way anyone would like to fit a window AC in the boot of their car, it sure was a fun experiment video, which has been viewed over 2 lakh times and liked by over 8,100 people at the time of writing. has been carried out.

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