Taxi driver’s son got a chance in Test cricket for the first time, then the mother became emotional, said – today Laika is our…

Satchidananda /Patna, Hum bahut khush bani… Aaj lika hamar khelihan, hum bahut khush bani. Progress like this… these are the words of Malti Devi, mother of cricketer Mukesh Kumar. Please tell that in the ongoing Test series between India and West Indies, Mukesh got a chance in the playing XI of the Test team for the first time. Mukesh, who made his Test debut, is a resident of Gopalganj in Bihar. Two Lals of Bihar are playing in this match. Mukesh has had a great performance in domestic and IPL matches so far. For which they have got the reward. His friend Amit Singh said that he will pray to God that Mukesh takes 5 wickets in his first match.

Cricketer Mukesh’s brother Dhanchet told that there is a wave of happiness in the entire district. He had an attachment to cricket since the age of four. There was a desire to move forward in this field. In the beginning, when there was a fight between two villages, people used to take Mukesh. This boy from Bihar has become an international player while playing in the streets. Mukesh’s mother Malti Devi said in the local language Bhojpuri that we were very happy. He said, ‘We watch the match on mobile and whenever it is seen, we get very happy. When he comes to bowl, it will be nice to see. My blessings are always with him, play well and move forward’.

Second Bihari to debut in the series
Two players from Bihar are playing in this match. Batsman Ishan Kishan made his debut in the first match of the ongoing Test series between India and West Indies, while pacer Mukesh Kumar got a chance in the second Test match. This journey of Mukesh has not been easy. Father was a taxi driver in Kolkata and Mukesh used to play cricket there. There was a time when Mukesh had become a victim of malnutrition, but his courage and the help of former cricketer Ranadeb Bose took Mukesh to this point.

Cooperation of Bengal Cricket Association
Ranadeb Bose recognized Mukesh’s talent in a selection trial. Rana persuaded the then CAB secretary and former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly to ensure Mukesh’s living arrangements, from nice shoes. When Mukesh was suffering from malnutrition, the expenses of his treatment were arranged by the Bengal Cricket Association. Mukesh’s performance flourished, then he got full support and cooperation from CAB including Ganguly, Manoj Tiwari.

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