TCS Denies Fraud in Hiring Process, Company Said Few Employees Violated Code of Conduct

The country’s largest software company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has rubbished allegations of ‘flaws’ in its recruitment process. The company says that the issue is related to the violation of the code of conduct of vendors providing certain employees and contractors.

One of the business news website Mint Report It was said that a whistleblower had written to the company’s chief executive officer and chief operating officer alleging that ES Chakravarthy, head of TCS’s Resource Management Group (RMG), was taking commission from staffing firms over the years. Following this complaint, the company formed a team of three senior executives, including TCS Chief Information Security Officer, Ajit Menon, to investigate the allegations.

It was stated in this report that company After an investigation, the head of recruitment has been sent on leave and four executives have been sacked from RMG. Apart from this, three staffing firms have been blacklisted. However, information about the blacklisted staffing firms is not available. In this report, quoting an executive, it was said that the people involved in this scam may have received around Rs 100 crore through commission. In this regard, a TCS spokesperson said, “Complaints about violations of the code of conduct are received regularly. The company has a robust process to investigate and resolve them.”

On this issue, TCS has said in a statement to the stock exchanges, “We have examined the allegations made in the complaint. The investigation found that these allegations do not pertain to any fraud on the part of the company or against the company. There is no financial impact. The context of the alleged scam is incorrect. None of our key people at the manager level are involved in the impropriety. The issue relates to violations of the code of conduct by vendors providing certain employees and contractors. ” Generally, large IT companies like TCS recruit executives through employee referral programs and staffing firms. Apart from this, the service of staffing firms is taken to hire temporary workers or contractors in the company.

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