Team India magical spinner varun chakravarthy kl rahul rohit sharma out from long time | Team India: Where has this magical spinner of Team India suddenly disappeared, throws 7 different types of balls

IND vs SA: There is a period of change going on in Team India. After the end of IPL 2022, many young players have been given a chance for the South Africa series. The command of the team is in the hands of KL Rahul and many veteran cricketers have been rested. But I did not name a player who was once considered a mystery bowler. This player has been sitting out of Team India since the T20 World Cup.

Where was the mystery bowler of Team India lost?

The player who is talking about in this report is none other than the star spinner of Team India, Varun Chakraborty. Varun’s career has fallen drastically in the last one year. At one time it was believed that this mystery bowler is the future of Team India. But now it is also impossible for this player to return to Team India. Varun has never been seen again in the blue jersey since the end of the T20 World Cup 2021.

Chakraborty is rich in ability

Mystery spinner Varun Chakraborty has the ability to throw the ball in 7 ways. He can bowl offbreak, legbreak, googly, carrom ball, flipper, topspin, yorker on the toes. Although his career has not been very good. So far in T20, Varun has taken only 2 wickets in 6 matches. At the same time, he has 42 wickets in 42 IPL matches. His career seems to be coming to an end at a young age.

IPL 2022 was very bad

Varun Chakravarthy, who was the hero of IPL 2021, failed completely in 2022. This bowler’s form in IPL 2022 was embarrassing. He was retained by Kolkata Knight Riders for Rs 8 crore. In this season, Varun Chakravarthy took only 6 wickets in 11 matches. Last season, Chakraborty took 18 wickets in 17 matches.

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