team india virat kohli rashid latif ravi shastri career over | Virat Kohli: This legendary cricketer’s absurd statement on Virat, said- Shastri ruined his career

Team India: For the last decade in the game of cricket, there has not been a bigger batsman than Virat Kohli. The whole world has seen the ruckus created by Virat’s bat in the country and abroad. But for the last two years, Virat’s form has been a matter of concern. Meanwhile, a veteran Pakistani cricketer has given a very absurd statement on Virat’s form. This player is blaming Ravi Shastri for Virat’s poor form.

absurd statement of pakistani cricketer

Former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif has blamed Ravi Shastri for Virat’s poor form. Latif said that Shastri becoming India’s coach was the worst. Latif gave this statement about Virat on his YouTube channel. Let us tell you that recently Ravi Shastri had advised him to take a break regarding Virat’s poor form. The former Pakistani cricketer got furious about this and he put all the blame on Shastri.

Everything happened because of Shastri

Regarding Virat’s form, Latif said, ‘It is all because of Ravi Shastri. In 2017, you made Ravi Shastri the coach while sidelining a player like Anil Kumble. I don’t know whether Shastri had recognition or not. He was a broadcaster and never had anything to do with coaching.

Latif further said, ‘I don’t think anyone other than Virat would have played a role in making Shastri the coach. But now that bet has backfired, isn’t it? If Shastri had not become the coach, then this condition of Kohli would never have happened.

Shastri is considered a successful coach

Ravi Shastri is considered one of the most successful coaches in the history of Indian cricket. Shastri could never win the World Cup trophy to Team India, but Team India under Shastri did many amazing things on foreign soil. Team India also won two series in Australia during Shastri’s tenure.

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