Team India’s 4 cricketers who never tried alcohol, hate drugs!

Team India: Celebrating with drinks during parties has been a very old culture in the Indian cricket team. Many cricketers have liked to drink. However, there have been some players in Team India who have not even touched alcohol till date. There have been 4 players of Team India, who give up on drugs. Let’s take a look at 4 such Indian cricketers who did not consume alcohol.

1. Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Indian cricket team’s fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar is one of the most important players of the team at this time. Let us tell you that Bhuvneshwar Kumar has played a total of 21 Test matches, 121 ODI matches and 66 T20 International matches for the Indian team. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has taken 63 wickets in his 21 test matches. At the same time, he has taken 141 wickets in 121 ODIs and 66 wickets in 66 T20 Internationals. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a clean image cricketer. Bhuvneshwar Kumar knows how to swing the ball both ways. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has won many matches for the Indian team with his brilliant performance. Let us tell you one thing about them that they do not consume alcohol. Bhuvi neither drinks alcohol nor does he ever smoke.

2. Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid is one of the most successful batsmen of the Indian cricket team. He has also captained the Indian team for some time. Rahul Dravid has scored 13288 runs in 164 Test matches for the Indian team at an impressive average of 52.31. He has also scored 10889 runs in 344 ODI matches at an average of 39.16. Let us tell you that the image of Rahul Dravid, who is called the wall of the Indian team, is of a gentleman and this gentleman cricketer of India has never intoxicated. According to a report by, Rahul Dravid has never smoked and he has nothing to do with alcohol.

3. Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir, the former cricketer of the Indian cricket team, is also far away from the habit of intoxication. According to a report by, Gautam Gambhir neither smokes nor drinks alcohol. Although he has definitely added alcohol once, but he is far away from the consumption of intoxicants. Gautam Gambhir has played 58 Test matches, 147 ODIs and 37 T20 Internationals for the Indian team. In 58 Tests, he has scored 4154 runs at an average of 41.95. In 147 ODIs, he scored 5238 runs at an average of 39.68 and in 37 T20 matches he has 932 runs at an average of 27.41.

4. Parvez Rasool

Parvez Rasool, who captained the home matches for Jammu and Kashmir, has also played for the Indian team and he is also far from the habit of drugs. If we talk about Parvez Rasool’s record for the Indian team, then he is not special according to his ability. Parvez Rasool has played one ODI and one T20 match for the Indian team. In ODIs, Parvez Rasool did not get a chance to bat, but even in a T20 match, he could score only 5 runs. But, Parvez Rasool is counted among the best all-rounders in domestic cricket, having scored 4807 runs at an average of 37.85 in 82 matches of his first-class career and has also taken 266 wickets.

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