Team India’s batter messed up expensively, opened the thread of dreaded bowlers, had made a record


West Indies player had to enjoy a lot
The Indian batsman had put the peg at the crease

New Delhi. Everyone can have their own arguments about sledging in cricket, but the West Indies have never justified it. Jokes are justified in cricket, but not sledging. It is a matter of West Indies tour in India in 1983. Sunil Gavaskar’s performance in the series was not going well. He decided to come down instead of open in the batting order to reduce the pressure on himself in a match.

But that was the era of the dreaded bowlers of the West Indies. Malcolm Marshall brought the first over and Anshuman Gaikwad walked on the very first ball. Dilip Vengsarkar returned to the pavilion on the second ball.
Sunil Gavaskar’s planning had completely failed. On just the third ball of the innings, he was in front of the bowler in the same way as he used to be while opening.

Well, somehow he faced the remaining balls of the over. Meanwhile, Vivian Richards, coming out next to him, enjoyed, no matter no matter what you bat, the score is still zero. That is, it does not matter at which number you are going to bat, the score is still zero.

The bat was about to hang on a peg, then won 2 World Cups, fought with Virat in IPL, made the team champion

pegged on the pitch
Shocked by this, Sunil Gavaskar buried a peg on the pitch. He played his career best innings of 236 runs in this match. Eventually the situation was such that India had to declare its innings. This match was drawn. Little Master Sunil Gavaskar usually used to open. Only once in his career did he come to bat at number four and he made his career best at this position as well.

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