Team Won Man of the Match Award 3 Time In Cricket History Cricket Facts | Man of the Match: Not one player, the entire team got ‘Man of the Match’, the cricket world was shocked

Team Won Man of the Match: The Man of the Match award is given to the best performing player in the match. In the game of cricket also this award is given in every match. But have you ever seen that not one player but the entire team has been given the Man of the Match award? Yes, this has happened not once but thrice on the cricket field, when the entire team was awarded this award.

For the first time this team got the man of the match

Man of the Match is also called Player of the Match. For the first time in cricket, the entire team was awarded the Man of the Match award in 1996 in the exciting match played in Georgetown, all the players of New Zealand were awarded the title of Player of the Match. In this thrilling match, New Zealand defeated West Indies by 4 runs. In the low scoring match, 4 batsmen scored runs and 6 bowlers took wickets. Winning New Zealand’s match in those days was considered a big deal in world cricket.

These teams also won this award

This also happened in an ODI match played between England and Pakistan in the year 1996. In this match, Pakistan won by 2 wickets, every batsman of Pakistan scored runs in the match, while all the bowlers also took wickets while bowling well. In view of the excellent teamwork, the entire team of Pakistan was given the man of the match. At the same time, in the year 1999, for the first time in the history of Test cricket, a team was given the Man of the Match. This match was played between West Indies and South Africa. In this match, Africa defeated West Indies by 351 runs and the entire team won the Man of the Match award.

This is how the man of the match is decided

When a player performs well in cricket, he is given the Man of the Match award. Whereas the person who performs well in the entire series is awarded the Man of the Series award. The expert panel that decides the award includes match commentators, former cricketers and match referees. Together they decide which player will become ‘Man of the Match’ and ‘Man of the Series’. Since the commentators keep an eye on the performance of every player throughout the match, their opinion is very important.

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