Temba Bavuma makes big statement on Umran Malik fast bowling IND vs SA T20 Series | Temba Bavuma: The African captain shivered from the very beginning of the series! The fear of this bowler in the whole team

Temba Bavuma IND vs SA: The 5-match T20 series is going to start from June 9. Team India and South Africa players are preparing fiercely. Amidst all this, African captain Temba Bavuma has given a big statement. From his statement, it seems that the team is scared even before the start of the series. The speed of a deadly fast bowler of Team India is intimidating to South Africa.

Fear in the African camp

South Africa’s batting is very strong, but Team India has such a deadly bowler whose panic is visible in the African camp even before the series starts. Temba Bavuma is also afraid of this bowler. This deadly bowler is none other than Umran Malik. Which has forced the batsmen to lose their sweat in the IPL at their own pace.

Bavuma gave this big statement

Talking to the media, African captain Temba Bavuma said, ‘It is exciting to have a bowler like Umran for Team India. No batsman would want to face a bowler who bowls at a speed of more than 150kmph. They are a big find for Team India, but I don’t think any batsman likes to face the ball at 150 kmph but you prepare as much as you can.

Wreak havoc in IPL 2022

Umran Malik spoiled the game of big batsmen with his lethal bowling in IPL 2022. He surprised everyone this season by throwing the ball at a speed of 157 KMPH. Umran Malik consistently bowls at a speed of more than 150 kmph. His fast speed is scaring the African camp. Umran Malik took 22 wickets in 14 matches of IPL 2022.

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