Tendulkar remembered the old days when the noise of ‘Sachin-Sachin’ was heard at the height of thousands of feet, not in the field


A video of Sachin Tendulkar is going viral
In the video, people sitting in a flight are raising slogans of Sachin-Sachin.

new Delhi. It has been a decade since Sachin Tendulkar retired from cricket. But, his craze has still not diminished. He was the face of Indian cricket for two decades and gave countless opportunities to the fans to smile. Perhaps this is the reason why Sachin still rules the hearts of the fans. An example of this was seen in a flight in which Sachin Tendulkar himself was aboard.

As soon as fellow passengers came to know about Sachin’s presence in this flight, the same old noise of Sachin-Sachin echoed in the flight. Once upon a time, this noise in the cricket stadium used to be a part of Sachin’s identity and expectations related to him. Although, at the height of thousands of feet, something like this would happen, probably even Sachin would not have thought. That’s why this experience was memorable for him. However, Sachin is not visible in the video which is going viral. However, Sachin was overwhelmed by the reception he got in the flight and thanked the people by tweeting.

Sachin wrote in his tweet, ‘Thank you to those people of my flight who were making noise of ‘Sachin-Sachin’ a while back. This one moment brought back memories of the old days, when I used to enter the field and this noise used to echo in my ears. Unfortunately, the signal to put on the seat belt had already happened, so I could not stand up to greet you, so I am saying hello to you guys now.’

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