Tendulkar taught a lesson to arrogant bowling, sledged and gave a befitting reply, Pak bowler narrated


Saqlain Mushtaq sled Sachin
Sachin gave such a reply to Saqlain

New Delhi. Former Pakistan spinner Saqlain Mushtaq has made a disclosure about his rivalry with Sachin Tendulkar. Saqlain has shared this incident for the first time. Saqlain has sledged Sachin Tendulkar, who has achieved the status of God among cricket fans, several times during his bowling. But the master blaster has always answered this with the bat instead of the mouth. Saqlain has explained the years old incident with Sachin in detail in the podcast.

Saqlain Mushtaq was one of the best off-spinners of his era. This bowler ruled the hearts of the batters with his bowling for many years. This incident happened between Mushtaq and Sachin in Canada. Saqlain said in the Nadir Ali podcast, ‘I have an old anecdote with Sachin Tendulkar. Then we went to Canada. I reached Canada after playing county cricket in England. I was young at that time and at that time I was in a different world of my bowling. After playing in the county, I became cocky. Saqlain’s episode of this conversation was released on March 14 in the Nadir Ali Podcast.

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Saqlain Mushtaq said that he had used some wrong words against Sachin Tendulkar during the match. He did not want to let Sachin freeze at the crease then. He wanted to get the Master Blaster out in the very beginning. However, the way Sachin responded to his sledge to Saqlain, the Pakistani bowler was very impressed. Saqlain told that then Sachin came to him and told him that I did not expect this from a bowler like you.

According to Saqlain Mushtaq, Sachin came to me and said with great affection, ‘Saki… I never thought that you would do something like this to me. And you are also not the kind of person who would use such words. I thought you were a decent person. Believe me, for the next four overs, I was lost in his words. Understand that I was so lost in his talk that I did not even know that he had done his work. He was already set at the crease by then. It’s all a tactic that when someone talks nice to you, you start thinking about his words and the same thing happened at that time too. I was engrossed in those thoughts and he kept hitting me for a four in almost every over. I started feeling respect for him. When he came out of the crease and hit my ball for a four, then I felt that someone had slapped my face.

Saqlain told in this podcast that how Sachin could not hit a single shot in the first 10 overs in the Chennai Test but later he was thrashed.

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