Tesla electric car worth 50 lakhs seen floating unclaimed in the sea, but the owner is not aware

Recently a Tesla electric car was spotted floating in the sea, leaving the authorities in a strange dilemma. If you see a car floating in the sea and there is no person in it, and most importantly, no one has filed a complaint about that abandoned car, then probably anyone will be in a dilemma. Such a case has come from Santa Barbara, California.

Carscoops’s Report It is said that a Tesla Model 3 electric car, which costs around 50 thousand pounds (about Rs 47 lakh), was found floating in the sea amidst the waves, after which it was pulled out by the Carpinteria-Summerland Fire Department. the surprising thing is that Tesla car No one came to accept the unclaimed tax, nor was it reported lost or stolen.

The report states that when Tesla When the Model 3 was searched, firefighters found no clue of the owner connected to it inside and around the electric car. The police contacted the person in whose name the car was registered and asked him to solve the mystery.

The report further states that it is still unclear why the unidentified driver decided to drive on the beach, which is illegal, and if the car did go into the sea, why did they inform the police? Did not give

Raquel Zick, public information officer for the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office, said in the case that she believes the owner “made it [टेस्ला कार] Drove it on the beach, got stuck, left it there and the tide came in”.

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