Tesla Recalls More Than 11 Lakh Cars in China Amid Rising Safety Concerns more details

Considering the possibility of accident in Tesla cars, the company has decided to recall a large number of models. In China, the company is preparing to recall almost every car. Their number is said to be around 11 lakh. It is being said that a major safety-related flaw has been found in Tesla cars in China, due to which the cars may be prone to crashes and accidents.

Elon Musk The car company of Tesla is one of the largest car maker companies in the world. Now some flaws have come to light in the company’s cars in China, due to which almost every car is being recalled here. Bloomberg According to the company, from May 29, the company is going to start the work of recalling 11,04,622 cars. These will be all cars that have been made between January 12, 2019 and April 24, 2023. This number is almost equal to the number of cars Tesla have sold so far in China within the past 4 years.

The models being recalled include Model S, Model X, Model 3, Model 6, etc. According to the regulator, here are some flaws in the cars, according to which, if the driver holds the gas pedal for a long time, then there is a potential risk of the car crashing. This has been described as a very serious issue in terms of security. Tesla has been asked to take necessary steps regarding the said issue. The company has said that it will make necessary adjustments in it and will also add a new notification feature so that the risk can be reduced as much as possible.

before this Tesla Had recalled more than 3 lakh cars in February. There were reports of a fault in the driving assistance technology in its electric cars. Due to this glitch, the company had recalled 3 lakh 63 thousand electric vehicles. These included many models, including Model S, Model X, Model and 3 Model Y. The recalled models were said to be manufactured between 2016 and 2023. In this, the company has used full self-driving beta technology. In which the matter of fault coming came to the fore. At present, Tesla is facing a big problem in China.

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