Tesla’s electric car caught fire during crash testing!

A Tesla electric car caught fire during a crash test, but after the fire incident, people are not angry with Tesla, but with a large global insurance company. The reason for this is that this company has accepted that this incident of fire in Tesla’s electric sedan was pre-planned. Here we are talking about Axa company, which was trying to show how dangerous electric cars can be in an accident.

NPR.org’s according, Axa says the fire did not start in the Tesla electric sedan’s battery pack, but in fact the company removed the vehicle’s battery before a demo in late August. A video of the crash test posted by the Swiss Auto Trade Association shows a yellow Tesla flipping over. Seconds later, the engine of the car starts on fire and in no time the front of the car is engulfed in flames.

On Thursday, Axa Switzerland said in a statement that it was sorry that the crash test gave a “wrong impression” and caused “confusion,” according to the report.

The company said it had to take steps to protect spectators when a demo of a battery-powered car burst into flames. The firm said the car’s battery was removed and the fire was extinguished “under controlled circumstances”.

The company gave one to the German website 24auto.de. Statement admitted that he used pyrotechnics to light the fire. AXA, which conducts crash tests to raise road safety issues, said its own data shows that electric vehicles do not catch fire at a higher rate than combustion-engined automobiles.

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