Test cricket is dying because of T20 Even players who do not play international cricket are getting 7 10 crores Yuvraj Singh – Test cricket is dying because of T20; Players who do not play international cricket are also getting 7-10 crores

At present, fans like to watch T20 matches more than fast cricket. Fireworks are seen by the batsmen in this format as well as the result of the match does not take much time to come. Due to the popularity of the T20 format, the fans are now taking less interest in Test cricket, due to which the ICC has brought the World Test Championship. Now Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh has given his opinion on this issue. Yuvraj says that with the advent of T20 cricket, there has been a downfall in Test cricket.

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Yuvraj, one of the finest players of white ball cricket, said that while people want to watch T20 cricket, players are also eager to play the shortest format due to the lucrative salaries of the T20 league.

Yuvraj said on Sports 18’s Home of Heroes, ‚ÄúTest cricket is dying. People want to watch T20 cricket, people want to play T20 cricket. Why would someone take 5 lakh rupees to play five-day cricket, when in today’s time he is getting 50 lakhs for playing T20 cricket? Players who haven’t made it to international cricket are getting Rs 7-10 crore.”

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Yuvraj Singh, who played a key role in India’s 2007 and 2011 World Cup wins, also said that due to T20 cricket, the interest of fans in the 50-over format has also decreased as T20 ends quickly.

“If you look at a 50-over game after a T20 match, it looks like a Test match. After 20 overs, it looks like there’s still 30 overs to bat. So obviously T20 is taking everything away,” he said. ”

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