Testing of ‘Flying Electric Car’ with 130Km top speed in Dubai, know when the service will start

Flying cars are not a new thing. For the past few years, news about them has been coming out. It is said that the arrival of cars flying in the air will reduce the traffic on the roads. Now it seems that flying cars may become a reality. Renowned Chinese tech and electric vehicle company Xpeng has tested its ‘flying taxi’ in Dubai. During this, the company’s ‘X2 Flying Car’ made its first successful flight. However, it will take many years for this service to take off, because until the testing of these cars is done on a large scale, the common people will have to be satisfied with knowing about the flying car.

The ‘flying taxi’ was tested in the Marina district of UAE (Dubai). Two passengers can come anywhere in this superbly designed taxi. 8 propellers have been used to make it. Some specifications of the ‘flying taxi’ have also come to the fore. The company has told that the top speed of its vehicle is 130 kilometers per hour. This vehicle comes with vertical take off and landing (VTOL) capabilities.

Moreover, Xpeng’s ‘X2 Flying Car’ comes with intelligent flight control system. It also has autonomous capabilities. This vehicle is completely electric. The company claims that it emits zero carbon. This flying car can fly without the help of a pilot. In congested areas, it can become a great convenience for the people. However, the sector is currently facing several challenges, with battery life, air traffic control and safety being major issues. The most important thing is the infrastructure, which is yet to be developed.

It is said that Xpeng’s ‘X2 Flying Car’ can carry up to 500 kg of weight. How successful it will be will be known in the years to come. When this car was displayed on Monday, everyone was surprised and amazed to see it. To say it is a flying car, but the design is very different from a car. The company says it has conducted a manned flight test in July 2021.

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