The batsman who won India 2 World Cups was very mischievous, used to wear chewing gum in his pants, used to break the glasses of vehicles


This veteran of Team India was very mischievous
Used to stick chewing gum in pants in childhood

New Delhi: There are many players on the cricket field who are known for their funny and mischievous behavior. Among these, the names of big players like Yuzvendra Chahal, Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo come first. But do you know that Gautam Gambhir, who looked aggressive on the field, was also very funny in his childhood days. As a child, he used to stick chewing gum in other’s pants. He himself disclosed this once in an interview.

Actually, Gautam Gambhir once appeared in the interview of a TV show. During this, the anchor told him that you look very innocent from the face. But I heard that you are very naughty. After this, Gautam Gambhir said, “Look, Sir, he was very naughty in his childhood. This happens in all children. I have done a lot of mischief in school too. But now I have matured. I don’t do as much mischief as I used to do earlier.”

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Gambhir used to put chewing gum in his pants
During this the interviewer said that I have heard that you children used to put chewing gum in someone’s pants. Gambhir replied, “I have done all kinds of things, I have even thrown chewing gum at someone. I have also used chewing gum. I have also broken the glasses of vehicles. The glasses of the houses were also broken. These things keep happening. There is nothing wrong in this.

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Gambhir won two World Cups
Gautam Gambhir played an important role in India winning 2 World Cups. He scored a half-century in the T20 World Cup 2007. In the same ODI World Cup 2011 final, he played a match-winning inning of 97 runs. His contribution in the final match is still remembered today.

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