The bowler joked, the ball fell in the river, the dreaded batsman hit the century after drinking alcohol


West Indies batsman drank heavily before the match
England’s bowler made fun of seeing the condition of the batter

New Delhi. We are talking about Sir Vivian Richards. In his presence, the West Indies team won the World Cup twice. Viv Richards has been the pivot of the West Indies team’s batting for a long time. Viv, the superstar of his era, had a different status in the field. He is the idol of many former and current cricketers. Sachin Tendulkar’s name is also included in these. Vivian Richards, who scored many centuries, had great regrets on one of his centuries. According to Viv, I had done something which as a player I should not have done.

Vivian Richards mentioned this incident in an interview. According to Viv, the night before a match, I drank too much alcohol with Ian Botham. During batting, I could not see the ball properly due to intoxication. I was constantly missing shots. According to Vivian, it went on like this for some time. Then bowler Thomas Greig came to me and said, Viv, the ball is red, round and bounces. After this, what Viv did on the next ball, Thomas would not have even imagined it.

‘Go help me find the ball’
According to Vivian Richards, since I had missed the last several balls, Thomas bowled the next ball on the wicket. I swung the bat and at that time my eyes were closed. The ball fell into the nearby river.

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Viv told, after this Thomas Greg was avoiding making eye contact with me, but I went to him. I said, Greg you know about the shape, size and color of the ball. Go and help others find the ball. Thomas Gregg was completely embarrassed. I scored almost 130 runs in 50 balls in that match.

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