The career of the 29-year-old cricketer who played with injections is over! Dravid also left


Test career of 29 years of cricket will end!
now it is very difficult to return

new Delhi. The Indian cricket team is going through many big changes at the moment. Young or experienced, no one’s place in Team India is confirmed. The competition is so high that if the performance is not good, then there is a line behind you to take the place. Many who were out of the Test team are now desperately trying to make a comeback but the door is not opening. In recent times, Shreyas Iyer has shown such a bang that his place has been confirmed at number 6. Now if someone will make a place in the team for someone then the doors will be closed.

Till a few years ago, an all-rounder who was a part of Team India’s playing XI has to think to make a place today. Shreyas started his Test career with a blistering century and till now he is rocking. Even against Bangladesh, he came in trouble and saved the team by playing an innings of 86 runs. Iyer has captured number 6 on the basis of his performance. It has become difficult for Hanuma Vihari, who is playing at this place.
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Played with injection, now career is over!

Whenever the best innings of Hanuma’s Test career will be remembered, only the innings played against Australia in January 2021 will come to the fore. After getting injured, he saved the match by batting whole day on the field by taking injections to deal with the pain. Hanuma played an unbeaten inning of 23 runs after playing 161 balls. One end was kept safe while supporting R Ashwin.

Iyer overpowered Hanuma

Now due to being out of form, his career is considered to be almost over. In 28 innings of 16 Test matches, Hanuma scored a total of 839 runs at an average of 33.56. This includes 1 century and 5 half-centuries. Now talking about Shreyas Iyer, he has so far scored 508 runs in 10 innings of 6 Tests with 1 century and 4 half-centuries. His average is 50.80 which is much better than Hanuma. In such a situation, now when both are fighting for the same batting order, then Iyer will be the first choice of coach Dravid.

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