The Caribbean veteran tasted Australia at home, then named his daughter ‘Sydney’, you will be shocked to know the reason


Brian Lara has broken many big records.
He scored his first Test century in 1993.

New Delhi. The Australia team has been dominating the cricket world for a long time. Fighting this team in its own house is like climbing a mountain. But many veteran players came who created fear inside this team. One of them was the name of former West Indies veteran player Brian Lara. Everyone is aware of this name. Talking about any big record in batting, the name of Brian Lara is visible.

Brian Lara tasted Australia for the first time in the year 1993 in his own house. During that time there was a Test match between Australia and West Indies. The host team scored 503 runs losing 9 wickets in the first innings and declared the innings. In response, West Indies scored 606 runs. In which Brian Lara’s huge innings of 277 runs was also included. It seemed impossible to get Lara out that day. His first Test century was in Sydney. During this, no bowler could get him out, he had become a victim of a run out.

Named the daughter ‘Sydney’

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Brian Lara’s first Test century in Sydney was very special. To keep the memories fresh, he named his daughter Sydney. The Caribbean veteran scored an innings of 277 runs in 372 balls with 38 fours that day. Because of which the match ended in a draw. After this he went on making big records one after the other.

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