The champion team will be game over! If you win then it is okay, otherwise you will be discharged from IPL playoff

New Delhi. In this season of the Indian Premier League, the names of the four playoff teams have not been decided yet. The top-ranked team Gujarat Titans will have a match with the Sunrisers Hyderabad team on Monday evening. This match is important for both the teams. With Gujarat winning here, it will confirm its place in the playoffs, while Hyderabad’s defeat means its journey will end in this tournament.

At this time, every match of the Indian Premier League is making a difference to the success of the playoffs. On Monday evening, the Sunrisers Hyderabad team will come down to keep alive the hopes of reaching the next round of the tournament. It will not be easy to compete with the current champion team in front of the champion team of 2016. By the way, the way Gujarat has been defeated in the previous matches, it has shown the way to victory for the rest of the teams.

Hyderabad may be out of playoff race

At this time, if we look at the points table, the team of Hyderabad is at number 9. After playing 11 matches, the team which has won 4 matches and scored 8 points, still has 3 matches left and can reach 14 points. Although reaching the playoffs after number 14 will depend on the performance of the rest of the team, but losing even 1 match will mean the end of the tournament.

What is the playoff equation at this time

If we understand the equation of the playoffs, at this time Gujarat is on top with 16 points and has almost confirmed its place. Chennai Super Kings are at number two with 15 points but they will have to win the next one at any cost. At number three is the Mumbai team which has 2 matches left and is the most secure with 14 points. Even if the team loses both its matches, it can still get a chance. The Bangalore team also has 2 matches and after winning both they will have 16 points, losing one will reach 14 points. Punjab team can also reach 16 points while Kolkata can get 14 points.

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