The ICC President is also a fan of IPL says If the IPL matches will be more then there will be less bilateral matches between international teams

International Cricket Council (ICC) President Greg Barkley said on Friday that bilateral matches between international teams could be reduced if the duration of T20 leagues like the IPL is extended. With the addition of two new teams this season in the IPL, the number of matches has gone up to 74. A total of 60 matches were played in the last season.

Asked how to strike a balance between the IPL and the international calendar, Barkley said, “It’s a good question. With the increase in matches in IPL and some other such domestic leagues, a new league will also start. ,

He told PTI-language, “But such domestic competitions are under the jurisdiction of the member countries. They can run it as they wish. But its more organized and longer duration means that bilateral matches between international teams will be reduced. We know that there are only 365 days in a year.

The ICC President, however, heaped praise on the IPL, saying he loves the dazzling league. “I haven’t been able to travel for two years,” he said. It is great to be back in India. This is my first trip to IPL. There are semi-finals (playoffs) and final matches.

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“I love IPL, it’s a great competition. I think India and BCCI have done something amazing with cricket. It is a competition which is an honor to watch and be a part of. The media rights tender will be floated after the release of the media rights of the IPL for the 2024-2031 cycle, he added.

“I’m really excited that there’s a lot of interest in media rights,” he said. I think there are some very credible ‘parties’ who will be able to work with the ICC and all of them will be able to contribute positively to the development of cricket.”

The ICC has allotted the 2025 Champions Trophy to Pakistan and Barkley has defended the decision. “Geo-political developments are beyond my (control). There is a risk that India may not be able to participate in that event but hopefully things will be fine at that time. ,

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