The names of these 5 batsmen are the most sixes in cricket, only these 2 Indians in the list. Hindi News

Most Sixes in One Day Cricket: Batsmen have always dominated the game of cricket. The world has got legendary batsmen like Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Brian Lara from the game of cricket. At the same time, Sixer Kings like Chris Gayle and Yuvraj Singh always kept fear in the hearts of bowlers. In this report, we are going to tell about 5 such batsmen who have hit the most sixes in international cricket.

1. Shahid Afridi

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi holds the record for hitting most sixes in One Day International cricket. Afridi is considered one of the deadliest batsmen in world cricket. He had hit 351 sixes in 369 matches for Pakistan. Afridi is still at the top of the batsmen who hit the most sixes in ODI cricket.

2. Chris Gayle

The name of legendary power hitter Chris Gayle comes at number two in this list. Praising Gayle would be like showing a lamp to Sooraj. More than him, the batsman has not been seen in cricket so far. Gayle played 301 ODIs against West Indies, in which he hit 331 sixes. At the same time, Gayle has hit a lot of sixes in T20 cricket and Test as well.

3. Sanath Jayasuriya

Sri Lanka’s veteran opener Sanath Jayasuriya comes at number three in this list. Jayasuriya has many records in the cricket world. He played 445 matches for the Sri Lankan team in which 270 sixes came from his bat. Jayasuriya’s name used to come among the most successful batsmen in the world, apart from this, he also used to give a lot of success to his team with the ball.

4. Rohit Sharma

Team India’s current captain Rohit Sharma comes at number four in terms of hitting the most number of sixes in ODIs. Rohit is the only batsman in this list who has not retired yet. Rohit has played 230 matches so far, in which he has hit 245 sixes. If Rohit bats well for 1-2 more years, then he will have the record of hitting the most number of sixes in any case. Rohit is a very good batsman and this year the whole country hopes that he will definitely bring home the T20 World Cup trophy.

5. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Where sixes are being talked about and Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s name does not come, it cannot happen. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is at number 5 in the list of most sixes in ODI cricket. He played 350 matches for Team India, in which he hit 229 sixes. Dhoni was considered the best finisher in the world.

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