The new 2023 edition Yamaha E-Vino electric scooter comes with a range of 32 km, know the price

Yamaha has reportedly announced a new edition of its existing E-Vino low speed electric scooter in Japan, which comes equipped with better features and several new color options. The E-Vino is an attractive e-scooter, which is available only in Japan and the new edition will also be available only in Japan. Along with new features and more color options than before, the range has also been extended in the latest edition.

Gizmochina’s accordingYamaha’s new E-Vino electric scooter is based on the Vino scooter, which is extremely popular in Japan, partly because of its utility. The e-scooter will be sold in Japan for ¥314,600 (roughly Rs. 1.80 lakh) and will be available in the country from September 30.

The width of the new model is the same as the previous model, but this time the range has been increased. The e-scooter gets a 12.2Ah capacity battery, due to which it can cover a distance of 32 km in a single charge. With this range, it is a good option for short distances in cities or for the daily commute. The weight of the e-scooter is 68 kg. The battery pack can reportedly be fully charged in three hours.

The E-Vino gets a 1.2kW AC synchronous motor capable of generating 7.8Nm of peak torque. Speed ​​information is not available but as per the report, the new model is expected to have higher top speed than its predecessor.

The new colorway introduced on the e-Vino 2023 model further enhances its design. It is available in a Cyan and White color option as well as a White and Black option.

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