‘The one above didn’t give me any batting talent, he gave me bowling’, ‘Hitman’ told how to become a batsman


Started playing cricket as an off-spinner in school
Said- I was not a batsman during the beginning of cricket

New Delhi. Rohit Sharma on his cricket: Team India’s captain Rohit Sharma has always been considered a special talent in terms of batting. Popularly known as ‘Hitman’, Rohit’s image is that of a natural strokemaker and he hits fours easily. Succeeded in hitting sixes. It is a common belief in the cricket world that Rohit has a few seconds more time than ordinary batsmen to play a stroke and that is why he is able to play big innings in international cricket. are. However, the opinion of Rohit himself is different from this. He said, ‘The one above had not given me any talent for batting, but had definitely given me bowling. Everyone says God gifted talent whereas the truth is that I was never a batsman when I started cricket.

Rohit Sharma told in a special conversation with Vikrant Gupta in the TV program Sports Tak, ‘When I started playing for school, I was selected as a bowler. I used to bowl off spin. After a few months, my coach Dinesh Lad said, “You should focus on batting also because we need an all-rounder.” I also hit some fours and sixes.

Rohit told, ‘After this Sir gave me a chance to bat, then I scored 140 runs in the school match. My batting started from here. When I started playing, I did not bat. I used to bat only with friends in my locality. Even when I started leather ball cricket, I did not bat, I used to bowl. Rohit said that people think that he has natural talent for batting, whereas Not there. He has worked very hard regarding batting. Still do.

Starting his innings during the Champions Trophy in the year 2013, Rohit considers the turning point of his cricket career. He said, ‘MS Dhoni made me open in the Champions Trophy in 2013, that was definitely the turning point of my career. I used to bat in the middle order. Used to bat at number four, but Dinesh Karthik scored two centuries in the practice match at that place. In such a situation, MS Dhoni (MS Dhoni) was confused about the batting order. He asked me if you would open, I said yes. Earlier, I had opened in two matches against England in India. I opened against England in two matches.

He believed that you need to make mental changes while opening. Some shots are your strength but you cannot play them while opening. I had to play big tournaments. I had missed the World Cup-2011. After that my car started running. ‘3437 runs in 50 Tests, 9825 runs in 242 ODIs and 3853 runs in T20 matches are recorded in the name of Rohit Sharma. Three double centuries are registered in his name in ODI cricket and his highest score in this format is 264 runs.

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