The person who scored more than 11 thousand runs got 5 wickets, pride came, the mind was cold when the batsmen beat


The player started considering himself as a fast bowler
Had a grudge against Sachin Tendulkar

New Delhi. The match between India and Pakistan was going on in Toronto, Canada. This was the third ODI. Team India could only score 182 runs in 50 overs. It is obvious that it was not a difficult score for the then Pakistan team, but it so happened that Sourav Ganguly was handed the ball in the midst of a hand-to-hand match. Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav could not show any wonder with the bat in that match. Ganguly was dismissed after scoring 2 runs and Sachin without opening the account.

Well, Sourav Ganguly held the ball and his swinging balls made Ejaz Ahmed walk. After this, Dada took five wickets in the match like a great bowler. The Pakistan team returned to the pavilion for just 148 runs. India won the match by 34 runs. However, after his performance in this match, Dada became a victim of a muggle.

He told Sachin, if I try a little more, I can at least bowl at a speed of 140 kilometers per hour. Sachin, who gave up his dreams of fast bowling after Dennis Lillee’s persuasion, did not say anything at that time, but he could not live without smiling.

Najam Sethi could not extinguish the fire set by Rameez Raja, missed the opportunity after 15 years, Pakistan was surrounded from all sides

The series against Pakistan went well, but after that, in many matches, the batsmen scored a lot of runs on the balls of Sourav Ganguly. As expected, he did not even get wickets. Understanding the situation, Dada started focusing on batting by taking out of his mind the fitness of becoming a fast bowler. By the way Sourav Ganguly has taken 100 wickets in ODIs. He has also done the feat of taking five wickets in a match twice. How many runs were scored on Dada’s balls can be gauged from the fact that his bowling average is only slightly less than his batting average ie 38.49. Sourav Ganguly’s batting average is 41 in ODIs and 42 in Tests. After scoring more than 11 thousand runs in ODIs, Dada said goodbye to cricket.

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