The shoes were torn in the match between the Jamaican shuttlers, the coach of the opposing team took them off and gave them away, the video will win hearts


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When Jamaican shuttler’s shoes were torn, the opposing coach gave his
malaysia beat jamaica 5-0 in badminton team event

New Delhi. Sports works to connect the hearts of people. Defeat and victory have their own meaning, but the spirit of sportsmanship is more important than that. Something similar was seen in the team event of badminton in the Commonwealth Games. Actually, there was a clash between Malaysia and Jamaica. In Men’s Singles, Jamaica’s National Champion Samuel Ricketts was in front of Malaysia’s Jay Yong. The collision was going strong. Only then, during the match, a shoe of Jamaican shuttler Ricketts burst. After this, I had to stop playing for some time.

The Jamaican player removed the damaged part of his shoe by cutting it with scissors and then started wearing the same on the court.

Malaysian coach Hendrewan was watching this. Then he suddenly got up and reached the Jamaican player with the shoes he was wearing and gave them to him. Seeing this, the audience sitting in the stands started clapping. Its video is now going viral. The Jamaican player himself also thanked the Malaysian coach. Wearing this shoe, Ricketts landed in doubles with his partner Joel Angus. However, he had to face defeat. The Malaysian pair defeated Ricketts-Joel 21-7, 21-11.

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