The story of Kohli becoming ‘Cheeku’ is very interesting, know how Virat got this nickname


Ajit Chowdhary gave Kohli the nickname ‘Cheeku’
Fans lovingly call Kohli ‘Cheeku’
Virat Kohli is India’s experienced batsman

new Delhi. In world cricket, Virat Kohli has become such a name that almost everyone knows. Virat Kohli has worked hard for this special recognition. Fans lovingly call him by the name ‘Chiku’. There is also a very interesting story behind how Kohli got the name ‘Cheeku’.

King Kohli looks as agile as he is in the field today. He was as nimble as before. Kohli got the nickname ‘Cheeku’ from coach Ajit Chowdhary in his early cricket career. He sported a new hairstyle (spike cut) in the Delhi vs Mumbai Ranji match. Meanwhile, due to full cheeks and big ears, he was looking like a completely chubby type.

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When Delhi coach Ajit Chowdhary saw him in this form during the Delhi vs Mumbai Ranji match, he suddenly remembered Champak the rabbit from the comic. Since then he started calling him by this name.

After Kohli was called by this name by the coach, his fellow players also started calling him by this name. The situation is such that slowly people started forgetting Virat Kohli and most of the people started calling him by the name Chiku.

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