The thrill of IPL will increase with the new rule, but the headache of the coach and the team will increase. – News in Hindi

Be it cricket or any other game, it is necessary to introduce new rules. This not only adds excitement to the game, but also increases its popularity. Talking about the first T20 World Cup held in 2007, I was the coach of Team India. At that time the rule of ball out was new and no one knew about it. Our very first match against Pakistan was also tied. We had already practiced for this. It was like a football penalty and in the end we got success. Now in the 16th season of the T20 league, apart from the coach, the headache of the team management is going to increase due to the rule of the impact player.

Apart from this, we will get to see another big change during the IPL. Sometimes bowlers use the wide yorker ball. In this, questions have been raised many times regarding the wide, but this time DRS can also be taken on it. Teams will now have to declare playing-11 after the toss. In such a situation, they will be able to include players according to bowling or batting first. Due to this, apart from the team, there will be curiosity among the fans as to who is being dropped and which player is getting a chance.

Now it comes to who will be the impact player and how will it be used. So it can be understood easily like this. This will be such a player, who will be able to bat as well as bowl. That means there will be no restriction on it. After the toss, both the teams will have to name 4 substitute players along with playing-11. Only one of these can be used as an impact player, but in this way when can the teams field the player. This is also going to be interesting. It can never be used in the match.

There is also a special condition for the Impact player. It can be used only before the 14th over of every innings. But if the match is less than 10 overs due to rain or any other reason, then this rule will not apply. Such a player will be able to bowl full 4 overs in the match. However, if he is brought in the middle overs, then he will not be able to bowl in the middle overs. The BCCI had also used it in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy in the past.

Impact Player has special rules for foreign players. If a team includes 4 foreign players in the playing-11, then only the Indian player will get a chance as an impact player. If the team has kept 3 or less foreigners in the playing-11, then they can use them as impact players. Apart from this, during the match, if the wicketkeeper or any player tries to cheat the batsman by going here and there during the ball being thrown, then the umpire can give him a dead ball. Not only this, 5 runs will also be added to the score of the batting team.

Apart from this, the teams will be shocked even if they do not complete the quota of 20 overs on time. All the overs that will be bowled after regular time, during that time only 4 players of the fielding team will be able to stay outside the 30 yard circle. Normally after powerplay 5 fielders can be placed outside the circle. Apart from wide, DRS can also be taken on no ball.

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