The ‘tricks’ of cricket players who made them stars, some tie talismans and some show red handkerchiefs


Sachin Tendulkar always ties his left pad first before taking the bat into the field.
When Sourav Ganguly enters the field, he keeps his Gurudev’s photo in his pocket.
Mohinder Amarnath used to keep a red handkerchief in his pants pocket, a part of which was visible from outside.
Former Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin used to wear a talisman while batting.

Indian Cricketers and their Superstitions: A book ‘Aankhon Dekha Haal’ has come out by Sushil Doshi, a veteran of cricket’s Hindi commentary. This book, published by Penguin Random House’s Hind Pocket Books, is actually Sushil Doshi’s memoirs with cricket. In ‘Aankhon Dekha Haal’, you will get to read interesting stories of Sushil Doshi, who is called the father of Hindi cricket commentary, from childhood to education and from the first commentary to all sports and players.

Sushil Doshi is the first such commentator in the country, after whom the commentary box of the International Cricket Stadium has been named. Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association has named the commentary box of Holkar Cricket Stadium as “Padma Shri Sushil Dosh Commentators Box”.

While reading ‘Aankhon Dekha Haal’, you will feel the thrilling moments of Sushil Doshi’s life and 5 decades of cricket, but the most interesting chapter of this book is at the end of the book. The last chapter of the book is ‘Some Beliefs of Famous Players’

In this chapter, Sushil Doshi has discussed in detail about the inauspicious omens and some tricks associated with the legendary players of cricket. Certainly witchcraft has been a part of the Indian lifestyle. From applying black tika on the forehead of small children to hanging shoes or lemon-chilli upside down on the threshold of a new car or house, many beliefs are scattered in our society.

Kailash Gautam’s famous poem – “Jab dekho tab badki bhauji keeps on laughing”

Sunil Doshi has told about some such tricks in his book. Here you will find not only Indians but also foreign players who believe in various tricks. It can be said that these tricks must have played a significant role in making the players the stars of cricket. Sunil Doshi writes about tricks – In my commentary life, I have seen many cricketers believing in many beliefs. Good players have certain beliefs and they feel that following them improves their confidence and performance.

Sunil Doshi writes- Like me, many cricketers also believe that cricket requires talent, hard work, dedication and the ability to capitalize on opportunities, as well as the support of luck or fortune.

Let us know the tricks of legendary players from Sachin Tendulkar to Virat Kohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni-

Sachin Tendulkar always ties the left pad first.
Sachin Tendulkar, the god of cricket who scored 100 centuries in international matches of Test cricket, 50-50 over cricket and T-20 cricket, also has some beliefs. Sachin always ties his left pad first. Sachin Tendulkar, a proud member of the 2011 World Cup winning team, was also seen getting his lucky bat rectified.

A special pair of handglobes was special for Virat
Virat Kohli feels that his special pair of handglobes is his lucky charm. He fell in love with those gloves. With time, the gloves start getting cut and torn. Then he had to change the pair of gloves with his mind.

7 number is good for captain cool
Mahendra Singh Dhoni, considered the best captain of Indian cricket, is called Captain Cool. India has won the T20 World Cup (2002), One Day Cricket World Cup (2011) under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s birthday is on 7th July and he likes to wear number 7 jersey. He has been believing that number 7 will be auspicious and beneficial for him.

yuvraj singh black thread on wrist
Yuvraj Singh had a big role in winning the 2011 World Cup. In the 2007 T20 World Cup, he surprised everyone by hitting 6 sixes in 6 balls of England bowler Stuart Broad. Yuvraj Singh’s birthday is December 12 and considering the number 12 as auspicious, he wears a jersey of this number. Yuvraj Singh also ties a black thread on his wrist which he calls Kalava.

Sourav Ganguly used to have a photo in his pocket
Saurabh Ganguly, former president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India and former captain of the Indian team, is also known as the God of the ‘off side’. Whenever Sourav Ganguly enters the field to play a match, he keeps his Gurudev’s photo in his pocket. They also used to wear rings and garlands considering them auspicious. They feel that this is increasing their confidence.

Anil Kumble considers Sachin Tendukar auspicious
Anil Kumble, known as Jumbo, is the highest wicket-taker in Indian cricket history. In the world too, after Muttiah Muralitharan and Shane Warne, he is the third highest wicket taker. He surprised the world by taking all 10 wickets in a single innings against Pakistan. When he was taking wickets against Pakistan, he started considering Sachin Tendulkar as auspicious. After taking every wicket, he used to give his sweater and cap to Sachin Tendulkar.

Recognition of Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid is also called the wall in batting. His technique was so classical that it was difficult to find holes in it. He also believed in this trick that wear the right pad first. Also, during any new tour, he avoided using a new bat. His habit of trusting only the bat used during the new series always remained.

Yellow handkerchief was special for Zaheer
Zaheer Khan used to keep a yellow handkerchief in his pocket. At one time he was called the best left arm fast bowler in the world. He played an important role in making India win many matches.

Red handkerchief was lucky for him
Mohinder Amarnath used to keep a red handkerchief in his pants pocket, a part of which was visible from outside. He considered it to bring luck and it was also considered his style. Mohinder Amarnath is considered one of the most reliable all-rounders in Indian cricket. In 1983, the team led by Kapil Dev won the historic World Cup, Mohinder Amarnath is considered to be the chief architect of that victory. Vivian Richards and Imran Khan called him the best batsman of his time.

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Grandma’s handkerchief was lucky for Steve Waugh
Former Australia captain Steve Waugh is considered one of the best captains of his country. Steve Waugh’s grandmother gave him a red handkerchief. Emotionally Steve Waugh always kept that handkerchief in his pocket. He used to think that grandmother’s memory and her love would open the door to his luck. Steve Waugh scored a lot of runs in his career and nowadays he is busy in serving the poor.

Kapil Dev won the World Cup with this trick
Kapil Dev has been an amazingly talented player. The 1983 World Cup was won under his leadership. But before that it was necessary for India to win against Zimbabwe. India lost 5 wickets for 17 runs. The big defeat was standing in front of the team. Then Kapil Dev made India win by scoring an aggressive 175 not out. Here also the presence of tricks was registered. When Kapil Dev froze, team manager Man Singh said, “No one will move. No one is allowed to go even to the slightest doubt. Kapil Dev has frozen.”

Azharuddin’s wrist talisman
Former Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin used to wear a talisman while batting. This talisman was constantly visible outside the shirt while playing. They said that this talisman brings luck to them. No matter how big a person becomes, but the primitive desire to feel some third power remains in him.

Ajit Wadekar saved the series by tricks
The world of cricket was watching with astonishment the magical talent of Sunil Gavaskar, who scored a record-breaking 774 against the West Indies in the first Test series of his life in 1971. Along with his amazing flawless technique, West Indies captain Gary Sobers was also paying close attention to the mistakes of the West Indies fielders. He felt that along with talent, luck is also with Sunil Gavaskar. To make the same fate in his favor, Sobers came up with a trick. Garry Sobers used to touch Sunil Gavaskar’s shoulder every morning while conveying dressing room greetings to Indian captain Ajit Wadekar and Indian players. While doing this, he had scored a century. But this thing could not remain hidden from Indian captain Ajit Wadekar. India were leading 0-1 in that 1971 series till the last Test match and were on the historic cusp of winning the series. On the last day of the last Test, West Indies needed 262 runs to win. But according to the form in which Gary Sobers was running, it was not impossible. Sobers were coming towards the Indian dressing room as usual that day, then Indian captain Ajit Wadekar, awakened by tricks, locked Gavaskar in the washroom. For this reason Sobers could not touch Gavaskar’s shoulder that day. When Sobers came into bat, the surprising thing was that he was bowled on the very first ball and India went on to win that historic series.

Sunil Gavaskar also argued with his captain Wadekar on this that if Sobers wanted to touch the shoulder, he could have touched the field as well. On this Wadekar said, no, he scores a century only after coming to our dressing room and touching your shoulder.

In this way you can learn about the unique beliefs of cricket players in this book. Please tell here that while Sushil Doshi is referring to the beliefs of other players in a way, he himself could not remain untouched by such beliefs. In the first chapter of the book “Bachpan Ke Din” Sushil Doshi is reliving his childhood memories. Here at one place he says- “Naniji used to look stunning like a goddess to me because of her qualities of fasting, discipline and following religion. That’s why when Naniji made me wear a ring with my name engraved on it, I still wear it as a divine blessing.”

Book- Aankhon Dekha Haal
Writer- Sushil Doshi
Publisher- Hind Pocket Books
Price- Rs 250

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