The tune of India-Pak match riding on Akash Chopra, asked questions to ICC, said- It has been 4 years now…


The new season of the World Test Championship has started.
Akash Chopra has raised questions on the ICC.

New Delhi. The Indian team made its way to the finals in the second season of the World Test Championship (WTC). But in front of Australia, the powers of Rohit Sharma and company were seen to fail. Now the team will start the new season of this ICC tournament with 2 Tests against the West Indies. Before that, former Indian cricketer Akash Chopra has raised questions on the ICC. The former veteran is obsessed with watching the Test series between India and Pakistan.

In fact, due to the sourness in relations, bilateral series are not happening between India and Pakistan for many years. However, both the teams are seen face to face in the ODI World Cup and T20 World Cup. Akash Chopra has given the opinion that being an ICC tournament, there should be matches between India and Pakistan in the World Test Championship as well. The former veteran explained that if there is a clash between the two teams in the Beat Test Championship, the fans will also give more importance to the tournament.

This is an ICC event – Aakash Chopra

Talking on YouTube channel, Akash Chopra said, ‘You don’t play against all the teams. But this is WTC, it is an ICC event. Its been 4 years now can you imagine an ICC event without India vs Pakistan? This can never happen. It always happens in the beginning.

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He further said, ‘Isn’t WTC an ICC event? It’s an ICC mace, they host the final. That’s why all the matches in the cycle should be under the purview of ICC. It will be of 6 years and there is no series between India and Pakistan. This is also an ICC event. If not, please specify. Call it bilateral cricket and accept that you have created WTC to glamorize Tests.

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