The world’s deadliest bowler came out of Kashmir’s plaintiffs, the father still runs a fruit cart. Hindi News

Umran Malik: In all the news of IPL 2022, you are hearing the same name nowadays. This name is of Indian young fast bowler Umran Malik. The speed of Umran has made the whole world crazy about it. This young bowler from Kashmir is believed to be the future of India and in the coming times, soon Umran will be seen spreading the flames for Team India.

Kashmir bowler

Kashmir fast bowler Umran Malik is currently one of the most dangerous fast bowlers in the world. Umran has the art of bowling consistently at speeds above 150Kmph. In his 8 matches of IPL 2022, this player has taken 15 wickets and is currently second only to Yuzvendra Chahal in the Purple Cap list. A bowler like Umran is seen once in years and India has very few bowlers who have bowled at such a fast pace.

Not yet got a chance to debut

Surprisingly, this player has not yet got a chance to debut. The selectors had selected Umran Malik, the dangerous bowler of Jammu and Kashmir, who had shown amazing in the IPL, in the India-A team for the tour of South Africa. But he was not selected in the team for the tour of South Africa. Big batsmen are surprised to see this bowler in IPL. It is absolutely true that Team India also has such a dangerous bowler, in front of which Bumrah and Shami also seem pale. But till now this bowler has not been selected in Team India. But this bowler can debut in the upcoming South Africa series.

Father sets up a fruit shop

Umran Malik’s father still sets up a fruit shop. Umran’s father Abdul Rashid had recently told that after seeing his son’s brilliant performance, people in the market have started giving him more respect. Umran’s father wants to see his son playing the World Cup for India. Umran’s father told that he was the fastest bowler in his group since childhood and he always wanted to become a deadly fast bowler.

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