Sunday, October 24, 2021

There was a big confusion in the name of the former Punjab CM, the goalkeeper said, ‘I am not that Amarinder’

New Delhi: A lot of confusion has arisen on social media regarding the name of former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh. In fact, when people on Twitter were discussing about former Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, they mistakenly tagged the Indian football team’s goalkeeper Amarinder Singh. After this, the goalkeeper of the Indian football team, Amarinder Singh has made a special appeal to the people on Twitter.

Confusion in the name of Amarinder Singh

Amarinder Singh wrote on Twitter, ‘News media and journalists, I am Amarinder Singh, the goalkeeper of the Indian football team. I am not a former Chief Minister of Punjab State. With folded hands, I request you all with tears of joy to stop tagging me in their news. Let us inform that the Twitter handle of Amarinder Singh, the goalkeeper of the Indian football team is @Amrinder_1 and the former Chief Minister of Punjab Captain Amarinder Singh is @capt_amarinder. This is the reason why people are getting such confusion.

people have fun on twitter

This tweet of goalkeeper Amarinder Singh is becoming quite viral. Many people have made funny comments on this. People have said that brother, you have to accept the congratulations of Captain Amarinder Singh for forming a new party, why are you giving up so soon. Replying to this, Captain Amarinder Singh himself wrote, ‘I sympathize with you, my friend. Best wishes for your future games. Let us inform that goalkeeper Amarinder Singh is also from Punjab and is a well-known face of Indian football.

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