There was a huge ocean on Mars! NASA released the latest video interesting information

There are many such worlds in the world of space, about which it is not even possible to guess yet. So far, with the help of science, man has been successful in locating the planets of our solar system, but the search for them is still going on. One of these planets is Mars, about which scientists of the world are searching for signs of life on it day and night. Recently, a video has been released by NASA, on which scientists have given important information about the possibilities of life on Mars.

Scientists from Russia and China including NASA life on Mars are engaged in the search. Meanwhile, NASA has recently released a video. In this video, a NASA scientist has said that the possibilities of life on Mars cannot be ruled out. Some such evidence has been found here which shows that there must have been life on Mars at one time or the other. NASA has shared this video on its YouTube channel. This 1 minute 5 second video shows how NASA has collected evidence of life on Mars over the years. Watch video-

In this latest video of the space agency, astrobiologist Heather Graham is telling that NASA has found such evidence in the past, on the basis of which it can be said that there must have been a huge ocean on Mars in which life would have flourished. Explaining further, the scientist said that NASA has not yet found life on Mars, but evidence has definitely been found, on the basis of which it can be said that there must have been life here.

These NASA astrobiologists are saying that surface of mars What lies beneath is yet to be discovered. He said that there is a possibility of such a liquid under its surface in which traces of life can be found. There may be some bacteria that survived the radiation. Under the surface, such creatures left over from solar radiation can be found, which have not yet been discovered by man. NASA has talked about the strong possibility of life on Mars through this video, but life has not been found yet. It is possible that in the coming time, scientists will find some evidence of life under the surface of Mars.

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