There was a ruckus on the catch of Shubman Gill, the batter raised questions by clapping! can be punished


Shubman Gill posted about his catch out
Gill was given out caught in a controversial manner

New Delhi. Shubman Gill can get into trouble. He was caught out by the third umpire on the fourth day of the final of the World Test Championship. But there were questions about the cleanness of the catch. 15 minutes after the end of the fourth day’s play, Gill posted on social media and raised questions against the umpire’s decision. There can be a ruckus on this post of his and action can be taken against him. Because posting any kind of match on social media also comes under the purview of code of conduct violation. Now only time will tell whether any action is taken against Gill or not. But there has already been a ruckus on this catch.

Shubman Gill posted a post on both Twitter and Instagram after the match was over against his decision of being caught out. Gill tweeted a front-on angle picture of Cameron Green catching the catch and shared a head banging emoji along with 2 magnifying glass emojis in the caption. He posted a photo of the catch on Instagram Story with an emoji of applause. This post of his may increase the controversy further.

How did Gill get caught out?
Australia had given India a target of 444 runs in the World Test Championship. Shubman Gill and captain Rohit Sharma gave India a good start chasing the target. When Gill was on 18, a ball from Scott Boland took the edge of his bat and went towards Cameron Green fielding in the slips. Green ducked down to the left and caught the ball. After this he started celebrating the catch. But Gill stood there. After this, the on-field umpire sought help from the third umpire without giving a soft signal. Recently, in the case of such disputed catches, the ICC has abolished the rule of soft signal. After this, this was the first time when the on-field umpire sought help from the third umpire.

Questions raised on third umpire’s decision
TV umpire Richard Kettlebrough watched TV replays from different angles. After a long time, he gave Gill out caught. But, Captain Rohit Sharma and Gill himself looked surprised and unhappy with this decision. Because it was not clear even in the TV replays that Green had taken the catch very cleanly. Because from many angles it seemed that the ball had touched the ground. Gill had to return to the pavilion and after that the fans sitting in the stadium started making noise of cheater-cheeter.

Controversial catch of Green… and after the wicket of Shubman Gill, the stadium echoed with the noise of ‘cheet, cheat, cheat’

Action can be taken on Gill

Virender Sehwag, Wasim Jaffer and many former Indian veterans have also objected to this decision in their own way. However, expressing unhappiness against the umpire’s decision by posting on social media in the middle of the match may cost Gill heavily. Because in Article 2.7 of ICC’s Code of Conduct, it is clear that posting social media comes under the ambit of violation of rules. Now it has to be seen whether any action is taken against Gill regarding this post or not.

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