These two electric scooters are cheaper than just 42 thousand, give 100 km mileage, know which one is better

The range of electric scooters in the country is continuously expanding. Recently Greta Electric Scooters has launched a new electric scooter Greta Harper ZX Series-I. This budget scooter can run up to 100 km on a single charge. This new electric scooter can also be liked by the users due to its fast charging. Coming in the budget segment, this scooter can be compared to the already existing cheap electric scooter Evolet Polo in the Indian market. Here we are telling you the comparison of Greta Harper ZX Series-I with Evolet Polo.

Greta Harper ZX Series-I features and specifications

Talking about the features and specifications, BLDC motor has been given in Greta Harper ZX Series-I. Talking about the charging system, this scooter has been given optimized charger technology, through which this battery can be fully charged in just 5 hours. At the same time, up to 0-80 percent can be charged in 3 hours. This electric scooter includes three riding modes Eco, City and Turbo mode. Talking about the range, once charged, it can run up to 100 km in Eco mode, 80 km in City mode and 70 km in Turbo mode. Talking about the price, the starting ex-showroom price of Greta Harper ZX Series-I is Rs 41,999. Many additional battery options have also been given in it, which are in different prices. Let us tell you that V2 48v-24Ah battery option provides 60km range, which will cost between 17-20 thousand rupees. The V3 48v-30Ah battery option offers a range of 100km, which will be priced between Rs 22,000 to Rs 25,000. The V2+60v-24Ah battery option offers a range of 60km, which will cost between Rs 21-24k. At the same time, the range of V3 + 60v-30Ah battery option will be 100km, which will cost between 27-31 thousand rupees.

Evolet Pony Features and Specifications

Talking about the features and specifications, the Evolet Pony has a 240W BLDC motor which generates peak power of 350W. Talking about the range, this scooter can run 90-120KM on full charge. Talking about the charging time, the Li-ion battery takes 3-4 hours to get fully charged. Wherein VRLA takes 7-8 hours. Aluminum alloy wheels have been given in the front and rear of this electric scooter with stylish design. There is hydraulic telescopic suspension at the front and dual tube suspension at the rear. Talking about the color option, it is available in White, Black, Red, Blue and Silver colors. Talking about the price, the ex-showroom price of Evolet Pony is around Rs 39,542.

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