This AI based safety system will save the scooter rider from accident

Micromobility operator Lime has launched a new safety system to reduce incidents of accidents, serious injuries, drunk riding and riding on pavements. This system of the company will support many applications, but its most important aspect will be Lime Vision. The company says that Tlime Vision is the industry’s first AI computer vision platform, developed in-house. The system provides advanced sidewalk detection using cameras.

Lime blog It has been told through this that this first artificial intelligence based computer vision platform of the industry will work to prevent accidents during riding. The company informed that on-board cameras are used in this Lime Vision, which provides ‘advanced sidewalk detection’, which can detect in less than a second that the rider is using the scooter on the pavement. Used to be.

After detecting riding on the pavement, this safety system alerts the scooter rider with an alert that he/she should move off the pavement, as well as reduce the speed of the scooter.

According to Lime, advanced sidewalk detection is planned to be launched in six cities by the end of the year. The company says that the ‘Advanced Sidewalk Detection’ system will prove to be a gamechanger in reducing riding on pavements and ensuring the safety of all pavement users.

Lime wrote in the blog that “Making this technology in-house means we will be able to quickly iterate and optimize it as needed. It is designed to integrate with our hardware and firmware.” Is.”

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