This Colorful Town of Italy Will Charge Penalty from Tourists for Taking Selfies

If you are planning to visit Italy then you should avoid taking selfies in this city. New rules have been implemented in the Italian city of Portofino, which may affect the photos taken by tourists on vacation. Taking a selfie in this city can lead to a fine of 275 Euros (roughly Rs. 24,800).

Portofino, one of Italy’s most colorful towns, has created no waiting zones to prevent tourists from wandering aimlessly and taking photos at popular sites. BBC’s Report According to the officials, new rules have been implemented to avoid problems due to overcrowding at these places. The gathering of tourists at these places increases the crowd during the holiday season. The mayor of Portofino, Matteo Viacava, says that tourists are responsible for increasing the congestion on the streets in the city. There is a traffic jam due to the gathering of tourists to take photos.

This rule will be applicable from 10.30 am to 6 pm. It has been implemented at two places in the city which are famous on Instagram. This is not the first city to ban selfies. Earlier, similar rules were implemented in some places in America, France and Britain. Among the cities popular among tourists around the world Paris In order to reduce road accidents, electric scooters will be banned from 1st September. A public opinion poll was conducted for the decision to ban it. In this, 89 percent people have agreed to ban e-scooters. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said the vote would be respected.

However, e-scooter operators say they expect the plan to stall. They say they expect Hidalgo to agree to a compromise because of the low turnout in the poll. Only 7.46 percent of the registered voters in the city participated in it. A spokesperson for e-scooter operator Lime said, “We hope that instead of banning e-scooters, Mayor Hidalgo will implement some sensible regulation and we will be able to continue operating. This will avoid taking a step back for Paris.” ”

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