This cricketer made serious allegations against Afridi, said- I wanted to forcefully convert my religion. Hindi News

Shahid Afridi: Everyone knows how high the stature of Shahid Afridi, former Pakistan captain and one of the world’s deadliest all-rounders, is in cricket. Afridi is one of the most successful cricketers not only in Pakistan but in the world. But nowadays this veteran cricketer is in the headlines due to a new controversy. A player of the fellow team has made big allegations against Afridi.

‘Force used to change religion’

Shahid Afridi has been accused by his team’s former veteran spinner Danish Kaneria. Kaneria has said that being a Hindu, Afridi always treated him badly in the Pakistani cricket team. Apart from this, Kaneria said that Afridi also asked him to change his religion several times. In an exclusive interview to Zee News, Kaneria said, ‘I always tried to stay away from Afridi. He often used to ask me to convert to religion, but I used to ignore his words. I respect every religion.

Afridi always bothered – Kaneria

Apart from this, Kaneria also said that apart from Afridi, no player of the team used to treat him badly. But Afridi was the captain of the team, so he often kept this player sitting on the bench. He said, ‘The captain used to have complete control of the team. Afridi used to make me sit on the bench during the captaincy. Used to drop me from the team. Even used to keep the whole season outside. I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me even when I was doing well. When I got the central contract of A category, Afridi said many abusive words to me. All this had a big impact on my mindset.

Kaneria was trapped in fixing

Let us tell you that Danish Kaneria was banned from cricket in 2013 due to the spot-fixing ban. This player tried his best to make a comeback, but he never got a chance again. Apart from this, Kaneria had even alleged that many other players of Pakistan were involved in fixing, but they were given a chance to play again. For example, you can look at Mohammad Amir.

Kaneria further said, ‘My priority is that my life ban should be removed. I spoke to PCB Chairman Rameez Raza many times but now it has been 8 months and the matter has not progressed. I would like ICC to help me, I am ready to rehab. I want to get back on the field.

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