This deadly player of Team India will retire soon! Rohit cleared the card from the team

The career of a star player in the Indian cricket team is almost over. With the kind of situation going on, this player can also announce his retirement soon. Team India’s captain Rohit Sharma has also cleared the card of this player from the team. The return of this player in Team India will now be nothing short of a miracle. The doors of Team India are almost closed for this player. This player has been dropped from Team India by the selection committee of BCCI. No one will be surprised if this player announces his retirement.

This player can retire soon!

These days a player is not being given any chance in Team India and that is fast bowler Ishant Sharma. Now the choice of Team India in the Test format has become a trio of fast bowlers like Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammad Siraj. Apart from this, Shardul Thakur and Umesh Yadav have become the favorites of the Indian team management as the fourth fast bowler. That is why now no one is even putting grass to Ishant Sharma. The selectors have thrown Ishant Sharma out of Team India like a fly out of milk.

Leaf cleared from Team India

Ishant Sharma no longer finds a place in Team India. Senior fast bowler Ishant Sharma has been failing miserably for a long time. Ishant Sharma was last seen in the Kanpur Test against New Zealand in November 2021. He could not get a single wicket in that match. The countdown to Ishant Sharma’s career had already begun on the tour of England in August 2021, when he took only 5 wickets in 3 Test matches. After the Kanpur Test played against New Zealand in November 2021, Ishant Sharma has never been given a chance to play in Team India again.

This player got defeated due to competition

Competition is increasing continuously in Team India. Bowlers like Shami, Bumrah and Siraj are doing well in the test format. In such a situation, Ishant Sharma’s leaf has been cut from Team India. Ishant has played more than 100 Tests, in which he has taken 311 wickets. Senior fast bowler Ishant Sharma started his career in the year 2007 with a Test match against Bangladesh and the next month Ishant got an opportunity to make his ODI debut. Ishant has played 80 ODIs so far, in which he was successful in taking 115 wickets, although Ishant Sharma was not so successful in T20 cricket. Ishant’s ODI career can be called good if seen, but the selectors have not given him a chance to play in a single ODI match since 2016.

Couldn’t take a single wicket

Ishant Sharma, the only player in the current Indian team to have played 100 Tests, failed on the tour of England and could not take a single wicket against New Zealand. Ishant has not played much Test cricket for a long time. He does not play IPL nor played T20 World Cup. Such a long break has had an effect on him. Ishant has taken just eight wickets in the last four Tests in 109.2 overs. Even in IPL, he is not getting a chance. It is clear from this that now this player has only the option of retirement.

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