This electric car is getting cheaper than iPhone, you will be shocked to know the mileage and speed

If you are planning to buy an electric car and you think that the cost of electric cars is high, then this statement is going to be proved wrong. Yes, we are telling you about such an electric car in the world which is available for purchase at very cheap prices. According to e-commerce site, ElectricKar K5 is available for sale. Here we are telling you in detail about the features and specifications of ElectricKar K5, from the price etc.

ElectricKar K5 has been introduced as an electric quadricycle, in which two people can sit comfortably. its price on alibaba 2100 dollars That is, according to the Indian currency, approximately Rs 1,67,205 has been kept. Now the price is so low that the iPhone 12 Pro Max can be more expensive than this. Now in such a situation, the performance of this electric car is also nothing special.

ElectricKar K5 features and specifications

Talking about the features and specifications, the top speed of ElectricKar K5 is not more than 40 kmph. Talking about the range, it can be run from 52 to 66 km by charging once. Talking about the charging time, it can take at least 8 hours once it is fully charged. The ElectricKar is produced by Regal Raptor Motors, a company that manufactures electric motorcycles and scooters. However, the thing to note is that this car cannot be used in every country, as government approval is very important for this.

Currently, the cheapest electric car in the Indian market is the Mahindra eVerito, which has an initial ex-showroom price of Rs 9, 12,515 in Delhi. In such a situation, this electric car available in China can prove to be very cheap. If this electric car is compared to the iPhone, then the price of its 1TB variant is Rs 1,79,900 on Apple’s official site. That is, according to this, the price of this phone is $ 2100 i.e. approximately Rs 1,67,205.

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