This electric scooter will run 300KM in single charge, cruise control and top speed of 90km

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Horwin has launched the 2022 edition of the Horwin SK3 electric scooter. The specialty of this scooter is its tremendous range which goes up to 300 km. Its older edition SK3 was launched last year which offered a range of 80 km in a single charge.

Horwin SK3 2022 Edition range

Now for 2022, Horwin has made changes to its powerhouse and made the electric scooter capable of delivering a whopping 300km range. The thing to note is that this range can be achieved only by using two batteries together. A single battery can provide a range of 160 km and this is much higher than the electric vehicles currently available in India.

Horwin SK3 2022 Edition power and specifications

In terms of power and specifications, the Horwin SK3 is powered by a 3.1kW motor that provides 6.3kW power output. Its Lithium Ion battery is rated 72V36Ah. Talking about top speed, this electric scooter can run at a speed of 90kmph once charged. Performance wise, the new Horwin SK3 can compete with, or be at par with, any entry level 125cc. Despite its large bodywork, the Howin SK3 can prove to be the right choice for day-to-day use. Talking about the suspension, it has been given standard telescopic forks up front and dual shock setup at the back.

Horwin SK3 2022 Edition Features

Talking about the features, the Horwin SK3 2022 Edition is an advanced electric scooter with a full color TFT display. Bluetooth connectivity, a keyless power system and cruise control have been given in this scooter. Large 14-inch alloy wheels have been given in this electric scooter. The scooter gets a sharp body and a muscular design, which is a radical style. Horwin sells the SK3 electric scooter in Europe as well as in China. But there is no hope of when these scooters will come to India or not.

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