This flying bike flies in the air at a speed of 100 km per hour, know the price

Japanese startup ALI Technologies unveiled its hoverbike XTURISMO at the 2022 Detroit Auto Show last week. In this show, this flying bike was also shown blown up. The company showed the first glimpse of this flying bike last year. It looks like it came out of a sci-fi movie based on the future. The top speed of the XTURISMO hoverbike is said to be 100 kmph. This flying bike is capable of flying for a total of 40 minutes.

According to news agency Reuters, AERWINS Technologies (ALI Technologies) showcased the XTURISMO hoverbike at the Detroit Auto Show 2022, which has been held this year since the Covid pandemic. This hoverbike is already being sold in the domestic market Japan. However, due to many stringent laws, it is not possible to fly this vehicle everywhere. The government has given permission to fly it only over the race track. It will reportedly be launched in the US next year.

Detroit Auto Show Co-Chairman Thad Szott experienced the XTURISMO hoverbike and said, (translated) “I feel like I’m literally 15 years old and I just got out of ‘Star Wars’ and got on their bike.” I jumped. I mean, it’s awesome! Of course, you have a little apprehension, but I was so excited. I literally had goosebumps and I felt like a little kid.”

Shuhei Komatsu, founder and CEO of AERWINS Technologies, said the XTURISMO hoverbike currently costs $777,000 (about Rs 6.20 crore), but the company hopes to bring the price down to $50,000 by 2025 with a smaller electric model. Is.

The weight of the XTURISMO flying bike is about 300 kg, while the length of this flying bike is 3.7 m, width 2.4 m and height 1.5 m. This is single seater.

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